The Oasis Center

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The Oasis Center was established in 1998, its  vision is work on the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities professionally through some simple workshops such as paper recycling and manufacture of wax to prove that they have social role no matter what kind of disability.

The work of the Center's pioneers to build cultural programs and different activities, in addition to provide all psychological and moral support, as well as providing daily services of health supervision and vocational rehabilitation, and implementation of entertainment programs with taking into account the expansion curve and attracting people with new disabilities within the possibilities of the Center and try to qualify them on all levels of life.

The Center has been distinguished by the nature of the activities that it offers to people with disabilities. This is evidenced by the remarkable attendance of the Center by local and international institutions and delegations. The Center also helped to change the ideas of some delegations on the Palestinian issue, such as those of a visiting delegation from Spain "We believed that the Palestinian issue was purely a political issue, but today we realized that The Palestinian issue is life and hope issue."

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