Rafiq Al-Darb Society

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Rafiq Al-Darb Society was found in 2007 and registered with the Palestinian Authority on June 2008 under the No. 2008-BL-3257-C. As a non-profit organization. Since the registration a general assembly was found of around 70 members and election for the board took place on December 2008.


The society aims to enable person with disability in having a descent living and equitable opportunities in Bethlehem in particularly and Palestine at large.

Mission Statement:

To contribute to the local, national and international efforts aiming at descent standards of living and self-reliance for people with special needs through awareness raising, advocacy and networking with all institution and stakeholders striving for the same cause.

The society's goals:

  1. Enable person with disability and improve what they have from skills to enhance their participation in society and their integration in the fields of life.
  2. Develop and promote strategies and mechanism of defense and advocacy the rights of person with disability in all sectors.
  3. Activate the participation of persons with disability in the community and in all the activities and programs the society does.
  4. Promoting human rights and consolidate the awareness toward in the disability issues.
  5. Contribute to all needed efforts to apply lows that enable person with disability to attain their various rights as education and employment.
  6. Promote community awareness of the cases of persons with disability to enable them to face society and life.

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