Al-Rowwad (Pioneers for Life) for Culture and Arts

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Al-Rowwad (Pioneers for Life) for Culture and arts (ACTs) was established in Aida refugee camp-Bethlehem in 1998 and registered as a not-for-profit organization in 2003, under law Number 1 of Charitable Societies and Non-governmental Associations in 2000 by the Ministry of Interior of the Palestinian National Authority.

* Mission Statement

- Empowerment of the community and building national capacities in in Beautiful and Non-violent Resistance.

- Promotion of human values and respect of human rights through arts and education as ways of beautiful and non-violent means of self-expression and resistance against the ugliness of occupation and its violence.

* Mandate

Al-Rowwad targets the national community while focusing on children and women in the local community of Aida Camp and Bethlehem district. Alrowwad targets as well the international community at large to break the stereotypes and show another image of Palestinian people and culture. The centre should have the full capability to mobilize human, technical and financial resources to achieve a dynamic and effective change within the targeted community.

* Developmental Objectives

- To break the stereotypes diffused in the media about Palestinians via theatre and artistic international tours and media production to be diffused internationally, and increase the partnerships nationally and internationally.

- To empower children and women to achieve and enhance beautiful and non-violent ways of self-confidence and self-expression, openness and a sense of belonging through specialized training and awareness campaigns.

To strengthen the local community through exposure to ITC, literacy and Media, and to conserve indigenous knowledge.

- To build the institutional and human capacity of Al-Rowwad and local community.

* Specific Objectives

- To establish art groups that strive for a gradual change in society, and allows children and women to respond to needs arising from stress and confinement via beautiful and peaceful means.

- To carry out tailored and specialized training courses to enhance childrens and womens capacities towards managing change and resisting violence through non-violent means.

- To promote the awareness of the community through children and women by employing various tools such as theatre, puppets, art, video, sports...etc.

- To carry out needs assessment within the community to respond to priorities within the mandate of the centre.

- To equip Al-Rowwad with information and communication technology in order to strengthen networking and the exchange of information.

- To establish an effective organizational structure with clear rules and regulations as well as clear terms of reference for qualified and volunteer staff.

- To build bridges of exchange and channels of communications with human beings in other countries.

* Outcomes

- Improved image of Palestinian people and culture.

- Improved self-expression, confidence and knowledge of children and women in the camp;

- Enhanced sense of belonging and belief in a better future;

- Enhanced networking and cultural exchange based on humanity and non-violence;

- Establishment of a durable institution with qualified and experienced staff based on human rights and the respect of the others.

* Inputs

Al-Rowwad will strive to find donors and/or establish partnerships with local and international institutions.

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Al-Rowwad (Pioneers for Life) for Culture and Arts

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