Al-Malath Charitable Association

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Al-Malath Charitable non-profit Association was founded in 2006 in Beit Sahour, and started working in 2010 to meet the needs of young people with intellectual disabilities simple and moderate to severe.


To provide the necessary training for young people with mental disabilities from the owners so they can have access to a sufficient level of independence as much as possible. Through an integrated treatment programs aimed at the physical and mental rehabilitation and supply of skills of everyday life.

Target group:

Al-Malath Charitable Association is targeting the youth from the Palestinian community aged more than 16 years of age and older, and those who suffer from mental disabilities and delays in development.

The association targets:

  1. Providing youth programs outside the house to create an environment that promotes the beneficial vision for itself and its evolution.
  2. Provide rehabilitation services in order to achieve physical independence.
  3. Enhance the learning and development of young people within their own special abilities.
  4. Helping young people to develop new skills and abilities which contribute to their access to suitable professions.
  5. Provide the opportunity for young people for social integration with others by building relationships that enhance communication skills.
  6. Teach and encourage appropriate behaviors for youth and develop their daily performance.

The main activities and programs for Al-Malath association:

  1. Physical Therapy Program: working with beneficiaries within individual sessions depending on personal needs and abilities.
  2. Occupational Therapy Program: Training the beneficiaries on daily life skills that include: cleaning, washing, using the bathroom, shaving, the use of the money in everyday transactions and to be able to meet their personal needs.
  3. Kitchen Program: This aims to provide the youth the basic skills of cooking, rehabilitation and the preparation of meals served to them every day.
  4. Sensory effects room: to ensure beneficiaries exposure to multiple sensations environment by using lighting effects, colors, sounds, music and aromatherapy to enhance learning, relaxation and therapy.
  5. Speech therapy program: there is speech therapist three days a week to work with them in individual sessions of 7 sessions per day.
  6. Vocational Rehabilitation Program: it is designed to provide them new skills by working in the association for olive wood producing using a laser machine operator, and they shall be divided into groups as follows: Fill / paste / paint / installing medals.
  7. Entertainment program: It includes musical activities, games and outdoor picnics.

Future programs:

- External garden preparing with world-class specifications for people with disability which contains natural stimuli with the external environment and fits the therapeutic intervention tools. It is A Park to be valid to youth with disabilities and others from the local community. It aims to integrate the disabled with the local community where the Association owns a piece of land it can park it work.

- Buying a special bus to the association to transfer beneficiaries to decrease the transportation expenses with the parents and to meet the essential needs and to facilitate the work.


Association seeks to be exceptional in providing services to people with disabilities with a focus on the quality of these services and their role and polish as an ingredient key in the Palestinian development plan for this sector, specifically with disabilities by providing the services under the supervision of a professional who specializes in working with people with disabilities.

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